I am in the third year of my PhD studies in English literature at Memorial University of Newfoundland; my research involves feminist and decolonial approaches in contemporary poetry, and touches on notions of embodiment, vocality, introspection, and subjectivity. As I am at heart an interdisciplinarian, I am also engaging autoenthnographic techniques and reaching into new media studies (and maybe flirting a little with new media’s adjacent discipline, digital humanities) to explore how poetry is/can be “some way of getting at the core of things” (as per Dionne Brand).

My masters’ thesis (Memorial, 2018) was a poetry collection called The Debt, which explored notions of cultural identity and precarity in moratorium-era St. John’s. A full-length collection based on this work is forthcoming (details to come on my creative page).

My doctoral research has been supported by the Memorial University School of Graduate Studies F.A. Aldrich Fellowship, the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship program, and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships.

Image description: a screenshot of an Instagram post which is itself a screenshot of the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation’s announcement of its 2019 scholars. The image is a grid of 20 black-and-white photos on a red background. The second image is somewhat sloppily circled, with an arrow pointing to it, and the word “me!” scrawled in black.