26 February 2022

A thick mess of leafless rosa multiflora is mounded against a pale blue late-afternoon winter sky. The branches of the rosebush are gently arching, and they are dotted with sprays of tiny clustered rosehips.

I gave a big talk for NL-CAHR a couple weeks back, and since then I’ve had a bunch of people reach out to tell me how useful they found it, or to ask to cite parts of my presentation, which feels really lovely. I thought I might as well write up part of the presentation and post it where people could refer to it if needed. I’ve put it up on Medium.com if anyone wants to have a peek. I don’t know if I’ll make a habit of posting there, but who knows? Maybe? I know I probably wouldn’t ever have gotten around to pitching the essay as a paid article or anything. Right now, when everything seems to be even more awful than it has been, it feels kind of important to put stuff out there that might help someone feel a little more seen and understood. I hope my writing can do that.