23 June 2022

Early summer sky, late evening. The blue is streaked with wispy white clouds. At the lower right of the photo, an abandoned building is illuminated by low sun. The building’s yellow paint is peeling, and most of its windows are broken. At the lower left is a low concrete building, also abandoned. This building is painted royal blue with yellow trim, and is in a similar state of neglect. Between the two buildings, a variety of untended trees are in full leaf.

Dissertation writing continues. The kids have finished school for the year; there are no demands on my mornings between now and Labour Day. Dreaming of a summer of early-morning writing, restorative evening walks. Today I’ve brought a bunch of lilacs in from the yard to keep me company while I attempt to bang out another 2000 words on Anne Carson’s Short Talks. How is it that so many people write articles on/responses to Carson and call them “Short Talk on [whatever whatever]” while Short Talks itself is almost entirely critically ignored? Even the extract from Short Talks that was included in Plainwater is nearly absent from Carson studies — or, rather, it’s present as a template, but the content of the “Short Talks” is excised. A bunch of writing has been done on Autobiography of Red and Red Doc> identifying Geryon as an autistic figure/Geryon’s story as an autism narrative, and I can see it, but Short Talks is truly one of the most autistic texts I’ve ever encountered. Autistic in content and form. Am I really the only person who’s noticed this?