6 July 2022

A close-up, from above, of cow parsley in bloom. The plant is tall and has bright green, fern-like leaves; the flowers are bunched in umbels. They are small, white, and their five petals are, strikingly, of different sizes.

Been home under quarantine for almost two weeks, and it’s been a whole thing — three family members are getting over covid, while one kiddo and I managed to avoid infection my camping out in the living room. It’s been a whole thing, and I obviously haven’t gotten much work done due to Myra Bennetting up and down two flights of stairs all day, every day. I did manage to pop the talk I gave at the ASNL conference last month over on Medium; I broke it up into three parts, and you can start with the first one here: How poetry helped me hide my autism, and how poetry is helping me find it.