3 October 2022

Three bracket fungi (artists conk?) grow on a fallen tree. The fungi are round four inches across, and are pale brown with a white edge and underside. The fallen tree has corky, dark brown bark.

Fall has properly started, and the cooler temperatures and shorter days are making me feel much more like myself (or like the version of myself who is able to think straight and accomplish things). I braved the crowds at the farmers’ market on Saturday morning, and then spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday cleaning out the fridge and prepping meals to be frozen for later. I went entirely overboard buying vegetables and I’m not quite sure how we’re going to eat them all, but at least now the fridge is clean enough that I know what’s in there. It’s kind of an ADHD cliché: the aspirational grocery spree where you buy loads of vegetables that end up wilting in the fridge because cooking is too much work, or because you forget they’re there. It happens around here a lot, but things tend to go better if I shop on a weekend and then have a couple days to organize what I’ve bought and plan how to use it. I’m like a kid in a candy store when I go to a farmers’ market, which at the very least is great for the farmers.

I’d meant to post my interview with The Pulse earlier; here it is:

I’m so pleased with the responses I’ve gotten to that paper (the one in the Canadian Journal of Disability Studies); I’m looking for ways to expand my research, which is an exciting thing to be able to do.