1 March 2022

An arrangement of objects on a wooden desk. The photo is dimly lit and slightly out of focus. The objects are (clockwise from upper left): a smooth piece of driftwood about 4″ long that looks like a bone; a small, egg-shaped beach rock; three small, flat, rectangular erasers that look like stones; another piece of drift wood, this one about 3″ and bent at about a 155-degree angle; a silver-toned foldable wire mandala with emerald green beads; a rainbow beaded hexaflexagon; a square cast-aluminum fidget toy.

The last two days have been Days of Much Admin, which is not my favourite kind of day, but one which is strangely satisfying. I am thankful for online forms and drop-down menus. As much as they lack in nuance and possibility, they do make my life easier by narrowing the universe down. And, of course, they don’t demand legible handwriting.