9 March 2022

A grey interior wall with early-morning shadows of potted windowsill plants.

Preparing today to give a reading from The Debt tomorrow at/for The Grenfell English Reading Series in Corner Brook — but of course I’ll be beaming in from my basement office here in St. John’s, on account of, you know, everything. It’ll be broadcast to the universe as a Facebook Live event if anyone wants to pop over and check it out. 7:00 pm Newfoundland time (5:30 pm Eastern), and the link is right here: https://fb.me/e/1K3ov0oab

It’s going to be a nice, long reading for one of the Newfoundland Literature courses at Grenfell, so I’ll be talking about the book, the writing process, all that fun stuff. It’s been ages since I’ve given anything more than a 15-minute reading, and I’m feeling quite excited about it. I hope I can remember how to be charming before then…